Costa Rica 2014

BS garden poetry reading 2014

BS World Naked Bike Ride 2014

Babs and Ben Shepard playin' the banjo.
Photo by Jefferson Siegel

Photo by Michael Kink

Ben is recognized for his teaching in Playboy Magazine.

Support the community plan.
Photo by Fred Askew

Texas Football.

# 64!

Goin' out.

Ben Shepard on a see saw (radical play?).
Photo by Arianne Burgess

Lecture at the Sea and Space Gallery in front of Artwork by Emily Roysdon.
The lecture was a part of the Failure! book (Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press)
release event.

Ben and Ron Hayduck at the 2000 IMF protests.

Dodi and Dad on the street!

Ben smiling in the woods.
Photo by Caroline Shepard

Ben in a world of books.

Ben looking up.
Photo by Caroline Shepard

Shepard at garden hearing.

Shepard under Sunflower Jess in City Hall Park.
Photo by Ariane Burgess

Ben and Daughter Imogene.
Photo by Diane Green Lent