bike culture and safety

Bike Block at the People's Climate March 
Change the System Not the Climate 
bikes as solutionary vehicles.

Hot Pants Ride: Bare as you Dare
World Naked Bike Ride Day, NYC 2013
video by Time's Up Environmental Group

Local Spokes Youth Ambassadors Program
Time's Up/ Kid's/neighborhood history/cycle group youth empowerment tour.
August 2011.

Times Up! Pies of March Brooklyn Ride 2011


Doggie Pedal Parade, Adopt don’t shop.

BBQ in the Generation X garden on East 4th Street between Avenue B and C to help organize around the impending threat to community gardens in NYC.

Token of Love Manhattan Bridge / Giving Love and Chocolate instead of tickets

Bike Clowns, Bring Brooklyn BP Markowitz a Gift Bicycle and do some Caroling

Time's Up! Bedford Bike Lane "Funeral Process & Vigil
On Sunday, 12/14/2009, a group of 15 cyclists braved the freezing rain
to join Times Up! on a peaceful bike ride to decry the elimination of the Bedford Avenue bike lane from a busy Brooklyn thoroughfare.

Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes on 11/09/2007
Video by Elizabeth Press
Time's Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade set out to playfully educate car drivers who were illegally parked in bike lanes.

Time's Up! Bicycle Clowns

Time's Up! Bureau Of Organized Bikelane Safety Ride.

David Bowie Ride
See also this video of the Bowie Ride.

NYC bicycle lane liberation ride during Novemeber 2005

Video from Times Up
Bike Lane Clown Brigade frees the bike lanes. The Clown Brigade tickets motor vehicles in the bike lanes. This is what NYPD should be doing: enforcing laws that protect bicyclists,and in particular, ticketing motorists who violate Section 4-08(e), which explicitly prohibits stopping, standing and parking within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes. All in good fun. Keep city streets safe for everyone!

Time's Up! Bike Lane Liberation Ride 2008

Sheldon Silver's Plan for Traffic Congestion on 7/13/2007 Video by Barbaross1
On July 13, 2007, the Time's Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade had a special guest: Assembly Speaker "Sheldon Silver".
Fourth of July Dance Ride

Snow Fun- Valentines Day Ride 2010

Time's Up! Bike Lane Liberation Ride on February 2008
Video by Barbaross1

Bike Lane Clowns Video by Teamspider
Where are the bike lanes? Are they safe? Do they make any sense?

Ides (Pies) of March 2009 from Time's Up! on Vimeo.
Times Up! Pie's of March Bicycle Clown Brigade Bike Ride & Pie Fight 2009

Time's Up! 5th Annual Doggie Pedal Parade
We rode our bikes with our dogs in baskets and trailers and
ended back at Washington Square Park.
September 2012